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Children's Widsom - Quote of the week...

Children's Widsom - Quote of the week...
"I Wish Emma Was Alive Because I Would Tell Her Where The Bathroom Is"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays - #2

(Big Newscaster Voice) - "Last week on THOUGHTFUL THURSDAYS: The Comedian's idle stream-of-concsiousness thoughts on... just about anything!... The Comedian spoke earnestly about, her dog - Ginger.

Today, she shares with us her profound thoughts about...Hunting Season

Last night we ran out of soy sauce (shocking I know) and as I was making chinese fried rice The Comedian and I went around the corner to our neighborhood store to grab some. An innocous trip, to be sure. However, recall I live in Southern Vermont and futher be informed that Hunting season started this week. (Note: Hunting season IS a season here, like Spring, Summer, Mud season, haying season and black fly season...)

We pull into the parking lot and there are a large number of pick-up trucks, camo-clad men and their proud ladies gathered around...the scales. The Comedian, always the curious one peeks through the crowd and announces, "That's not a deer. That's a bear!"

(minor note: we then saw two dead deer in the back of the pick up trucks as I steered her through the crowd and into the store)

Once in the car, she began the verbal mental processessing I knew was coming:

"I this it was a baby bear, but it wasn't a big bear, but I don't like he to shoot a baby. I didn't see he head. The baby bear had blood but I didn't see he head. The deer have a head. He have blood too, but he not fighting. Grampa's deer fighted, but the bear have blood and I not like he to hurt baby bears. I not like he to shoot a gun. (slight pause) Mama, will he eat he bear?"

(Fun Fact: Gramp and Gram bought both my girls their LIFETIME hunting and fishing licenses for the first birthday. Sweet, huh?)

ME: "I don't know sweetie. I hope not."


Martha said...

Oh my goodness, why didn't I think to get all my friends who have little girls lifetime hunting and fishing licenses? The perfect gift! Love the seasons in VT, haying season, mud season(called "break up" in Alaska where my Dh used to live).

Dora said...

She's delicious. The Comedian, not the dead bear.

One of the best stories I ever heard was told at my friend's wedding rehearsal dinner by the father of her childhood best friend. The dads had a hunting trip planned. They went to pack up the car that morning and found the 2 six year old girls laying in the driveway in front of the car. Junior civil disobedience!

MrsSpock said...

Me no like shooting baby bear either :(.

Amber said...

Ok, finally a good reason to have moved from Wisconsin (my home and a hunting capitol) to Houston, where everyone has guns but no one hunts. Glad I'm never going to have that discussion with my little one!