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Children's Widsom - Quote of the week...

Children's Widsom - Quote of the week...
"I Wish Emma Was Alive Because I Would Tell Her Where The Bathroom Is"

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Show and Tell - A Day At The Museum

For show and tell this week, I bring a family day trip to the Monshire Museum of Science. It's a totally awesome place for little kids on a cold November day after 5 days off from school and another to go!

I even managed to convice DH to put off cutting-up the two deer he agreed to do, for OTHER people, and come with us!

It was great fun, until about five minutes in when the worst possible thing happened! THE BATTERIES IN MY CAMERA DIED! Ok, melodramatic I know...but seriously, this is ME we are talking about. Lucky for you, I seem to average a picture/minute ratio so you are still gifted with five pics!

It was a blessing in disguise, because I was able to participate fully with BOTH hands! What a day.

Bear solved crazy mind-blowing puzzles in record time.

DH made the BIGGEST bubble I have ever seen with a hula-hoop.

The Comedian stared at fish for a record-setting time, I'm sure.

And I, had my fill of Perfect Moment Mondays on this Perfect Saturday.

Oh- and Yes - we were cutting and wrapping deer until 7pm, not so perfect, but hey - what can you do?

The Museum

It was a "daddy" day from the start!

Bear, perched high up in the playhouse.

The Comedian...staring at fish.

And, a moose, with a sign that read..."Please Don't Touch Me, I'll Lose My Hair."


Cassandra said...

I wonder what the moose would have to say about your plans for the deer that evening.

Kristin said...

That sounds like a truly wonderful day!

WiseGuy said...

That's called quality family time!

Brenda said...

To Cassandra, I think the moose would say, "No deer for me, thanks, I'm stuffed." Dat-a-ding! Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all night. Don't forget to tip your waitress.

Cara: that seemed like an awesome day! :)

Barbara said...

Those are the days we remember when we grow up thinking about our happy childhood.


Cara said...

Brenda - you are a laugh riot! Truly, you all make me smile everyday!


Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I love to take kids places and to see everything through their eyes.

Martha said...

Great pictures. I love museums and this looks like so much fun.

Sam said...

sounds like you had a very good day - family days like that are always good ones. Besides, it's never to early to introduce your children to the delights of museums.

flickrlovr said...

Looks like you all had a blast-the cutting and wrapping deer part made me go "ew" but that's probably just because I don't really eat meat ;)
Glad hubby took off and went with you girls, sounds like a fun day!

Lori said...

I loved days like this when I was a kid. Sounds like your family had a perfect time.

Would you like to put this permalink in for Perfect Moment Monday? Double-duty posts are doubly awesome!

Oh, and that sounds like a whole lotta deer meat.