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This blog is a series of anecdotes from our life after losing our first child, a stillborn daughter, then going on to birth the two other lights of our lives!

Bear is 6: serious, organized, my cruise director and my time keeper.

The Comedian is 4: She is pure comedy always doing something unintentionaly funny that I attempt to put into words.

Enjoy our stories, conversations, and delights as we embrace the lives of our second and third daughters without ever negating our first.

Children's Widsom - Quote of the week...

Children's Widsom - Quote of the week...
"I Wish Emma Was Alive Because I Would Tell Her Where The Bathroom Is"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Bear!

"It's those early years that are opportunity to teach her what she needs to know to go into the world and be a happy, healthy, compassionate person. We've only got five or six years."
DH and I have said this so many times, usually after an age-appropriate incident deeming discipline or a heartbreaking moment when she learned a life lesson through the eyes of dissapointment.

Six years ago she was born in a snow storm, after 38 weeks of worry and haunting visions of our past. The relief I felt when I heard her cry was palpable. The last six years have flown by. I can barely believe myself as I type this. I know my numbers - six comes after five, but it just feels so different this year. Five was managable, a milestone, the year you get four shots because you go to Kindergarten in the fall.

Six feels murky, undefinable. She's taller and made a full transition to girly girl, complete with stick on earrings, princess rings and varied length necklaces every day. She love peanut butter and fluff sanwiches. She made the transition to gluten free eating last summer and with only a moddecum of frustration. She's exploring the world in her own way, independent of me for a great majority of each and every day. It is a year of exciting transition for her - it is scary for me.

So, for my own sake I need to go back. I need to see that baby who used to rely on me for mostly everything.

Please enjoy these annual shots of my middle child - my rainbow baby. My sweet and salty girl, my cruise director, my time keeper, the generational image of a mini-me.









Eskimo_Kisses_4_U said...

Happy Happy Birthday Bear (and mommy)! She is growing up so fast and is so beautiful.

Even when she becomes an adult, you will still be needed especially as her mother and her friend. Her scariest years are ahead of her, the awkward years and the period of blossoming into being a young lady. So even though her baby years are blessed memories, the years where she'll really need her mom (and dad) are yet to come. *hugs*

Barbara said...

Lovely photos Cara!

What an elegant young lady she is at 6. Happy birthday sweet Rainbow Bear.


Martha said...

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Bear. You become more lovely with each year. Thanks for the pics, Cara.

The Steadfast Warrior said...

What a beautiful girl! I don't blame you for wanting to go back relive so many wonderful moments.
Happy Birthday Bear! I know she will continue to grow into the amazing person she is already showing herslf to be.