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Children's Widsom - Quote of the week...

Children's Widsom - Quote of the week...
"I Wish Emma Was Alive Because I Would Tell Her Where The Bathroom Is"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Perfect Moment Monday - Slumber Style

I celebrate the blissfully simple joys in life.

My children napped today.

The firehorn went off (um..it's LOUD)

They still napped.

The train went by (um..it's CLOSE and VERY LOUD)

They slumbered without interruption.

I got ALOT done!!!

(BTW - My five, nearly six year old slept for FOUR hours...wow!)


Kristin said...

I am sooooo jealous. If I dared to let Gabe sleep that long (if at all) during the day he would be up until between 10 and 11. He is so stubborn.

MrsSpock said...

Drooling with envy here. The Boy has a fever today and just can't get comfortable to nap anywhere except on me. I tried putting him down several times to no avail, and then finally gave up and let him sleep 3 hours on my chest. It's like having a newborn again.

Lori said...

First, they are both so adorable!

Second, what a gift! You are right, simultaneous, uninterrupted naps are PERFECT perfect moments.

Kristin said...

I tagged you on my blog.

Martha said...

How wonderful, a 4 hour nap!

Anonymous said...

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