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Children's Widsom - Quote of the week...

Children's Widsom - Quote of the week...
"I Wish Emma Was Alive Because I Would Tell Her Where The Bathroom Is"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Must Have Misunderstood

"Oh My!" countless townspeople said as we spread the news of Sally's pregnancy.

"Um, really?" they gaffawed in disbelief when we said that we (read: husband and comedian) had no intention of finding homes for them.

"Yes, I guess we have six cats now" I hear myself say repeatedly as an ending to these conversations. Each time I say it I get a quick, clear vision of myself living a spinster's life surrounded by my six cats who keep getting knocked up and exponentially multiply before my eyes. Each time, it makes me laugh - usually out loud.

Regardless - judging from the expressions on the faces of these varied people I felt like I better buckle down for when the babies were born. Better be ready for...well - to be honest I had no idea what to be ready for.
I've never had a cat that had babies. For that matter, with the exception of one kitten: sweet Butterscotch who chose to stay with me only briefly the fall of 1984 before trailing a tempting looking trick-or-treater home on halloween night, I had never had a young cat.

The kittens were born in the wee hours on Sunday, March 29th. This was the picture I posted the next day.
This is what they look like now.

They have grown, but they haven't moved, have not even gravitated as a heard even three inches off their birth mark.

So far, twelve days old...and I haven't had to lift a finger or a broom or a vacuum attachment for these five little furbabies.

So tell me - O wise and all-knowing feline readers...how long should I expect this hands-off duty to last? Oh, and what should I be ready for when the do venture out into the rest of this house???


Kristin said...

Baby kitties are so much fun. When they really start moving they will want to leap and pounce on anything that moves. One of the most fun ways to play with them is to get a little laser pointer (Wally World has them really cheap and they are a pen too) and get them chasing the red dot. Oh yeah, if any of them are males, get them neutered early so they don't start spraying to mark their territory.

Dora said...

They will literally climb the walls. Most often in the middle of the night. They will then crash and cuddle, purring like little jet engines. Enjoy!

Martha said...

Super cute kittens and I think they start being more active between 4-6 weeks old.