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This blog is a series of anecdotes from our life after losing our first child, a stillborn daughter, then going on to birth the two other lights of our lives!

Bear is 6: serious, organized, my cruise director and my time keeper.

The Comedian is 4: She is pure comedy always doing something unintentionaly funny that I attempt to put into words.

Enjoy our stories, conversations, and delights as we embrace the lives of our second and third daughters without ever negating our first.

Children's Widsom - Quote of the week...

Children's Widsom - Quote of the week...
"I Wish Emma Was Alive Because I Would Tell Her Where The Bathroom Is"

Friday, December 5, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

As I read through my recent posts here I have to admit Bear seems to be absent. Where is she? She is at school!!

This, apparently, is a full time job. And, let my just add that we didn't sign her up for ANY of the extracurricular activities this year, in anticipation of how big a transition it would be. I can't even imagine my life right now if soccer ended only to have basketball begin. Eeeeeeekkkkkkk!
Regardless, I feel like she is never home. Up and out by 730 each morning. Home at three. A quality...hmm...hour or so. Then I cook. Dinner at 5. De-stressing "tiny-movie", as she has long called it, at 6:30 and bed at 7.

Um...I miss my girl. So, armed with this knowledge of what The Comedian's future will be in 2010-2011 (and I'm not kidding myself, OF COURSE she'll do all the extras, cause Bear will be by then) - I am taking full advantage of my 1:1 time with Ms. Comedian. 12:30 to 3:00 everyday is ours, and she is a completely different kid without the cruise director around. Well, she is her normal totally fun loving, flexible, not being told what to do by big sister, giggly and silly self. You can figure out the opposite behavior with just a tad of imagination!

So, without further ado...yet another adorable Comedian moment!

On Wednesday, a lovely free shipping box store delivered our new phones. (other ones were d.y.ing!) I connected, disconnected, charged - and yesterday I gave The Comedian the old phone as a toy.

"Where is the other one?" she asked
"Right here." I answered

And, THIS is what happened next...

Is she serious?

Ahhh - the sweet daughter, like crazy overcommitted mother.

Or, would THIS be a more accurate picture of said mother?

Hope you had a good laugh!


Barbara said...

Ah she's a real sweetie!

Martha said...

Gosh, She is beautiful and cute. She looks like a Hollywood agent w/the two phones.
I really relished my time w/our youngest son, Sam when Daniel was in school. Enjoy.

Kristin said...

Aaaaaw...too sweet!

MrsSpock said...

She's multitasking!

WiseGuy said...